Hang glider tour in Moscow

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Best Price Guarantee

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Hang glider flight in Moscow

Powered hang glider / ultralight trike flights

    Sorry, but there are no mountains near Moscow. So the flights by classic, non-motorized hang-gliders are almost impossible. But our region is good to fly by powered (motorized) hang glider or ultralight trike (motorized deltaplane). It’s almost an airplane!


What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer (pick up/drop off service)
  • Interpreter (English)
  • Ultralight trike flight

Price of the ultralight trike flight


  • 10 minutes

35000 rub.


  • 20 minutes

40000 rub.


  • 40 minutes

45000 rub.


  • 60 minutes

50000 rub.


Promotion effective through 01/06/2024*

Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

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Frequently asked Questions

 Who is allowed to have a flight?

    It is allowed for adults (from the age of 18), weighing up to 120 kg. Out of the safety reasons, the flight is not allowed for pregnant women (due to noise and vibration), as well as for people diagnosed with diseases of cardiovascular and nervous system.

Where and when do we fly?
   We fly in the suburbs, on weekends and holidays (and in summer often on weekdays, with a sufficient number of applicants) during daylight hours. In summer we fly in the morning and in the evening.

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