Airplane tours in Moscow

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Airplane flight in Moscow

Night flight to Kolomna by Cessna-172 airplane

    The flight will take just 30 minutes, but it will be enough to fly over the bed of the Moskva River, following all its curves, see the “White Mountain” near the town of Voskresensk, fly a circle around the town of Kolomna and return back. You will admire the fading sunset from the cockpit of the plane, see the night city with hundreds of cars and thousands of windows, and eventually meet the night in the sky.

   Cessna-172 is four-seater airplane. One seat is occupied by your pilot, and the remaining three are for you.

Price of night flight to Kolomna by Cessna-172 airplane

45000 rub

We can provide pick up/drop off service  if necessary.*

Age, weight and height restrictions:

    The flight is allowed for all people who are authorised to drive a car. Children from the age of 12 (having a consent of their parents) are allowed. The weight and height of a passenger must not exceed 120 kg and 200 cm correspondingly.

Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

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