Aoutogyro tour in Moscow

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Aoutogyro flight in Moscow

The German built “MTO Sport”, “Calidus” and “Cavalon” autogyros.

    Often in mass media, you may encounter messages or articles about the safest aircraft in the World, which possesses unique flight performances. Generally, such articles are about autogyro (or gyroplane/gyrocopter, which is the same). Exteriorly, it is something in between of an airplane and a helicopter. The propulsion rotor and open cockpit makes it similar to flex-wing trike. However, from the aerodynamics point of view, the gyroplane is an absolutely independent type of aircraft.


Price of the aoutogyro flight


  • 10 minutes

25000 rub.


  • 15 minutes

30000 rub.


  • 20 minutes

35000 rub.


  • 30 minutes

40000 rub.


  • 40 minutes

45000 rub.


  • 60 minutes

50000 rub.


Promotion effective through 01/06/2024*

Gyroplane piloting lesson

  This is 30 minutes of theory and 40 minutes of flight, when you, under the guidance of a pilot instructor, will be able to “try” control.

Price of the Gyroplane piloting lesson

50000 rub.

Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

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Frequently asked Questions

 Who is allowed to have a flight?

   It is allowed for adults and children from the age of 14 (having a consent of their parents). The flight is not allowed for pregnant women and people diagnosed with serious diseases of the cardiovascular or nervous system. The weight of a passenger must not exceed 120 kg.

Where and when do we fly?
  We fly in the suburbs in the daytime. All year round!

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