Zero G flight

Zero gravity experience

   Zero gravity flights – a secret, incomprehensible to ordinary people, but a desirable and interesting event that always attracts a lot of attention. For ordinary people, flights into space are impossible, because this requires many years of preparation and the necessary physical condition. However, there is an opportunity to experience for yourself what it feels like to be in space thanks to such a phenomenon as the weightlessness attraction.

   The state of zero gravity is a unique, amazing sensation of soaring in the air, lack of self-weight. In ordinary life, there is no opportunity to experience weightlessness, however, when you buy a gift certificate for visiting a weightlessness attraction, you can experience almost the same sensations as cosmonauts.

  Due to the fact that a situation was simulated under terrestrial conditions in which weightlessness is created, each of us has a chance to better understand the mysteries of space. You can realize your dream by flying on an IL-76 MDK airplane, which specializes in preparing astronauts for launch.

    For a flight in zero gravity, the price becomes completely unimportant if you have a chance to fulfill a childhood dream. This is a large portion of adrenaline, crazy funny somersaults, a sense of true freedom and the absence of any restrictions familiar to people.

    All flights to zero gravity are made along the special trajectory of the Kepler parabola. You will take part in one of these flights under the guidance of experienced professional pilots. One weightless session lasts about 28 seconds, but during this time you can experience the whole gamut of feelings from fear to childish delight. Typically, one flight takes approximately 1.5 hours.

   The feeling of joy and happiness, the incredible lightness and naturalness that a person receives in a state of weightlessness will be remembered for a lifetime. Having presented the opportunity to spend several minutes of life in a space simulation, you will give an invaluable chance to feel like an astronaut and plunge into space life.

    Of course, you will have more fun if you experience weightlessness in the company of close friends or relatives: you can then discuss for a long time all the features of the trip, and also take beautiful, funny pictures that will please you all your life and remind you of the most unusual day.

Zero G flight

    That there would be zero gravity the plane flies along a certain trajectory. Such a trajectory is called Kepler’s Parabola. First, the plane flies horizontally, then it gains height rising along the trajectory of the parabola, upon reaching the top point of the parabola, gravity and inertia equalize, and weightlessness arises. Then the plane moves along the parabola trajectory downward, and the state of zero gravity lasts 25-30 seconds, such a cycle is repeated 10 times per flight.


  A unique aircraft specially designed for cosmonaut training and laboratory research. It is built on the basis of the famous and reliable IL-76. Its walls are finished with soft materials, and the floor is covered with soft mats. This is the largest aircraft in the world in terms of the size of the compartment for carrying out weightless training flights.

Program of Zero G Flight

Day 1. Flight preparation
Transfer from Moscow
15.00 Arrival at the central checkpoint of the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu.A. Gagarina
15.00 -16.00 Sightseeing tour of the CPC, visiting the halls of Mir station, centrifuge halls, ISS modules, visiting the Soyuz spacecraft simulators
16.00 -17.00 Medical examination before the upcoming flight, consultation of the ENT specialist and therapist
17.00-18.00 Safety briefing, familiarization with the flight features in the “overload – zero gravity” mode. Watching a training film.
18.00 Transfer to Moscow

Day 2. Flight Day
8.00 Arrival at the checkpoint of the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu.A. Gagarina
8.30 Transfer to the Chkalovsky airdrome
9.00 – 10.00 Pre-flight preparation on board the IL-76 MDK laboratory laboratory: statement and refinement of the flight mission. Briefing on the actions of participants in flight in emergency situations. Fitting parachutes of participants. Checking the crew and the flight crew for the readiness of the aircraft.
10.30 – 11.00 Take-off.
11.00 – 12.20 Flight. 10 modes “overload – weightlessness”.
12.30 Landing. Presentation of certificates of zero gravity flight.
13.00 – 13.30 Changing clothes. Transfer to Moscow.

What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer (pick up/drop off service)
  • Interpreter (English)
  • Briefing and medical examination before the flight
  • Pre-flight preparation and zero gravity flight (1h 20 min. 10 modes)
  • Registration of passes and permits at the CPC and Chkalovsky airfield
  • Certificates

Price of the Zero G flight

600000 per person


Promotion effective through 01/06/2024*

Additional services

Video filming flight
250 eur/ 270 usd
Hotel accommodation
Price on request
Pilot's flight suit with your initials (individual tailoring) set
Price on request

Attention. Applying for a flight 60 days in advance!


Please prove you are human by selecting the plane.


 1. In one flight to zero gravity can take part up to 14 people.

2. Age of participants is from 18 to 78 years.

3. Blood pressure not higher than 160 mm.

4. The absence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, the absence of sinusitis.

5. Flight participants must undergo a medical examination according to the form of a medical certificate. The day before the flight, the certificate must be in hand.


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